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X-CAM 2 Axis Gimbal Stabilization Module

X-CAM 2 Axis Gimbal Stabilization Module

Product name:X-CAM 2 Axis Gimbal Stabilization Module




Input Voltage: 5
- 6V

Volume: 45 x 35 x 10 mm

There are 4 versions of this product available

1. 2 Axis Stablizaton:  GSM110, GSM210

2. 3 Axis Stablizaton:  GSM120, GSM220

 How to use the Remote Controller for Servo Reverse Setup :

1.  Connect to channel CH5 on the Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

2.  Push this channel to the highest position on your Remote Controller

3.  There will be 3 BEEPs followed by the Red LED flashing, Return the Remote Controller Lever to the middle position to enter the Servo Reverse Setup mode

4.  Move the Remote Controller Lever to the Highest or lowest position to set the Servo Reverse after hearing the BEEPs.
     (One BEEP means Channel 1 (TILT) , Two BEEP means Channel 2 (ROLL), Three BEEP means Channel 3 (PAN) ), 
     If you do not want to change the setup, Just move the  Remote Controller Lever to the Middel position.

5.  When you hear 4 BEEPs, the setup has been saved.

How to adjust the Acc. Gain:

  Rotate the Blue Potentiometer on the PCB for adjust the Acc. Gain.

PC software for setup

This video was recorded by X-CAM GMS210 module on the XA camera gimbal


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